The Overland Trail

A fading set of trail ruts across the high desert east and west… are all that remain of the Overland Trail, a busy highway of the 1860s for emigrants, freight and mail, and stagecoaches between the Missouri River and the west coast. Image "Breaking up Camp at Sunrise" by Alfred Jacob Miller

Our Activities

DAR members are passionate about educating the youth of America and contributing to schools and student programs in a variety of ways. We participate in an array of projects to help preserve our cultural heritage. Our love of country is evident in the multitude of patriotic endeavors we pursue. Image "Horse Team on the Overland Trail" circa 1900

Our Community

Our members volunteer in our communities in our schools, churches, veterans’ organizations and more in pursuit of our DAR mission of Education, Patriotism, and Historic Preservation.


Members come from diverse backgrounds and have a variety of interests. Their common bond is their lineal descent from patriots of the American Revolution – any woman, regardless of race, religion or ethnic background, who can prove this lineage is eligible to join.
Overland Trail Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) is one of forty-four chapters in the Colorado State Society Daughters of the American Revolution. Organized in 2012, with members from the LaPorte and northern Colorado communities, we are enthusiastic women proudly serving God, Home, and Country through our volunteer service. Overland Trail Daughters join the more than 3,500 DAR members in Colorado and 175,000 DAR members around the world who are dedicated to keeping America strong by promoting patriotism, supporting education programs, and historic preservation. We invite you to explore this site to learn more about the Overland Trail Chapter, NSDAR. To learn about becoming a member of our chapter, please email our chapter registrar.


The DAR is passionate about educating America’s youth and supports a variety of different programs, contests and awards to help further this goal. Students are invited to get involved and participate in these different programs.

Genealogical Research

Genealogy is by far one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. Expertise and skill levels vary considerably from novice to professional genealogy gurus. Joining the DAR does not require an interest in genealogy, but it helps to have some knowledge of one’s ancestry.

Historic Preservation

Throughout the history of DAR Historic Preservation has always been one of the main focuses of the mission of the organization. DAR members participate is a wide variety of Historic Preservation projects as it is crucial to saving our history for future generations.


DAR members are passionate about patriotism, including support of our active-duty military and veterans and their families, American citizenship and naturalization, Constitution Week, the U.S. Flag, and awards, memorials and commemorations.


Since our founding in 1890, DAR members have worked tirelessly to promote historic preservation, patriotism, and educational ideals and discover the impact they make in their local communities by performing all types of community service.

Special Projects Grants

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Special Projects Grants Program provides local community grant funding to support projects exemplifying the organization's mission areas of Historic Preservation, Education, and Patriotism.