Chapter Calendar

Meetings and Programs Sept 2019-2020

September 7  Emergency Preparedness  
October 5 DAR 101
November 9 State Regent Visit – Joint chapter meeting
December 7 Holiday Luncheon
January 4 Where’s the Fort?
February 1 WWII German POW Camp in Windsor
March 7 Women’s History Month
April 2 Patriots Award Ceremony
May 2 Annual Meeting and Elections

Previous Programs

Abigail Adams
Annual Meeting
Being a Parent of a Woman Astronaut  
DAR 101  
Escape from Yugoslavia
Great Grandfather’s Diary
History of Bellevue and Poudre Canyon
Holiday Luncheon or Dinner
Isle of Hope: The Story of Ellis Island
Joint Chapter Meeting with State Regent
Native American History in Northern Colorado​
Native American Veterans Memorial
Navajo Code Talkers in WWII
Opening Doors to the Past
Overland Trail 5th Anniversary
Patriot Award Ceremony
Reflections of Our Gentle Warriors
State Regent’s Project
Underground Railroad
Women’s History Month​ WWII POW 

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